Educating for a Full Human Life

Valor's distinctive program combines the best of the classical tradition with the best of contemporary educational practice. Our first tuition-free charter school, Valor South Austin is now serving grades K-9 in Austin, Texas, and will grow to K-12.

With a powerful vision and commitment to excellence, Valor Public Schools seeks to rival the best in the nation. We inspire our students to live full, rich, and purposeful lives by offering a rigorous curriculum within a vibrant school culture. Valor’s fundamental commitments make this vision possible: 


Excellence for All Students. We bring the highest quality education to all students, regardless of background or ability.


Balanced & Integrated Education. Our balanced and integrated program encompasses the full range of human experience, from STEM to the humanities.


Measurable Results & Love of Learning. Our students achieve outstanding academic results while developing a profound love of learning.


Transformative School Culture. We build transformative school culture filled with joy, respect, and deep engagement.


World-class Recruiting & Development. We identify, hire, and develop teachers and leaders of high character and exceptional skill.


Hearts of Service. Leading by example, our teachers and leaders inspire students to encounter others authentically and give of themselves in service to the community.


Radical Attention to Detail. Our highly intentional approach is grounded in a radical attention to every detail of our schools.


Every Student Desires to Know


Valor Public Schools believes that every student has a desire for knowledge and is drawn to what is good and beautiful. Our teachers introduce students to the depth and richness of the world and appeal to their natural sense of wonder.


Open Enrollment & Tuition-Free


Valor Public Schools makes the highest quality education available to all children. As an open enrollment public charter school, there are no admissions requirements and no tuition. Our program is designed for all students.