A Full Human Education

Fully Alive and Truly Free

Valor Public Schools believes that every student has a desire for knowledge and is drawn to what is good and beautiful. As teachers, we introduce students to the depth and richness of the world and appeal to their natural sense of wonder. We walk alongside our students during their educational journey, providing guidance, encouragement, and loving correction—all in the context of a community of friendship. We challenge each student to encounter the world and others in an authentic way and, in so doing, to realize his or her deepest self. Ultimately, our aim is to help students become fully alive and truly free. 

A Balanced & Integrated Approach

In education today, there is often polarization along ideological lines. Furthermore, many of the trends that take hold in education are the result of “either-or” thinking that turns a partial truth into a comprehensive approach, inevitably neglecting other important insights. In order to provide the fullest educational experience to all students, Valor is committed to a balanced, integrated approach that harmonizes the best of educational theory and practice from the classical world to the 21st century. 

  • Our schools draw upon the best of the Classical tradition and Contemporary educational practice
  • Our rigorous curriculum features both STEM and the Humanities
  • Our teachers and leaders are both Philosophical and Practical
  • Our teachers emphasize Inquiry-Based Instruction and employ PresentationCoaching, and Independent learning
  • Our approach is both Child-Centered and Content-Centered
  • Our instruction emphasizes both Verbal and Hands-on/Multi-Sensory modes of learning
  • Our schools are Well-Ordered and characterized by Joy and Deep Engagement
  • Our teachers employ Whole-Class and Individualized approaches
  • We achieve Measurable Academic Results and cultivate a Love of Learning
  • Our students learn a body of specific Content Knowledge in each subject and the critical Skills/Habits of learning
  • We prepare students for College & Career and for a Full Human Life

Transforming Lives through School Culture

Building a vibrant school culture filled with joy, respect, and deep engagement is at the heart of our schools. Valor’s unified, highly-intentional school culture is the foundation upon which all academic achievements and outcomes are based. At Valor, all aspects of school life—including expectations for student speech and behavior, use of physical space, campus operations, classroom décor, parent engagement, and interactions with students—are part of a comprehensive approach that enables students to attain a wide range of human excellence. This emphasis on vision-aligned practical action and radical attention to detail will enable Valor to create a joyful, well-ordered, and affirming school culture in which all students can flourish.

The Full Range of Human Education

Valor is committed to restoring the full range of human education and to making its balanced, integrated course of study available to all students, regardless of background or ability. Valor features a robust and rigorous curriculum in both STEM and the Humanities. In addition, during their time at Valor all students will experience a diversity of coursework including fine arts & craftsmanship, civics & public speaking, community service, and nature studies. The Valor curriculum draws upon the best from both classical and contemporary approaches to education, and our teachers employ a wide range of pedagogy, including Socratic discussion, presentation, coaching, and hands-on learning. In addition, we draw upon the best methods of educational assessment in order to track student performance, inform instruction, and guide academic interventions to ensure that we are closing all student performance gaps. Because each child is capable of academic success, Valor offers all students a classroom experience that challenges them to reach their fullest potential and supports them when they encounter struggles.

Valor schools also provide students with a range of competitive athletic opportunities, including both team and individual sports. At Valor, we believe that healthy athletic competition can ennoble the human spirit and help students develop virtues such as courage, sportsmanship, and perseverance. To further develop physical excellence, all students participate in our comprehensive health and fitness program, which incorporates physical education within a larger context of personal health, nutrition, and fitness training. In addition, Valor’s diverse array of student clubs provides every student with engaging opportunities for further growth.

The cumulative effect of Valor’s school program is that students will achieve outstanding measurable results while growing in character and developing an authentic love of learning. The Valor student, then, will receive the best preparation both for college and for a full, rich human life.