The Highest Quality Charter Schools

Valor Public Schools creates the highest quality K-12 tuition-free charter schools, educating the whole person for authentic freedom and a full human life.

Valor's innovative program combines the best of classical education with the best of contemporary educational practice. Valor draws deeply from the classical tradition, which identifies wisdom and virtue as the ultimate goals of education. Valor believes that every student has a desire for knowledge and a capacity for excellence. In all facets of school life, we inspire students to seek what is true, good, and beautiful, cultivating their natural sense of wonder. Valor also draws upon the best of contemporary educational practices that complement its classical emphasis such as proven pedagogical techniques and adaptive, personalized assessment tools.

Every Valor student will read and discuss the Great Books, take advanced math and science courses (STEM), study Latin, engage in community service, explore the fine arts, and have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular clubs and competitive athletics. In the classroom, an emphasis is placed on inquiry-based teaching approaches. In addition to rigorous academics, Valor is committed to building a transformative school culture filled with joy, respect, and deep engagement. Valor’s teachers and school leaders inspire students to pursue excellence in all areas of their lives and reach their fullest potential.

Valor Public Schools received approval of its charter from the Texas Education Agency and State Board of Education in June of 2017. Valor will open its first school in Austin in August of 2018, serving students in grades K-8 or K-9 and growing through 12th grade. Over the first five years, Valor hopes to open three campuses in Austin. Parent interest and local community support will be key factors in our school opening and placement decisions.

Valor Texas Education is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.